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Our Staff


Our Dental Spa staff members are friendly, competent, well trained and dedicated to ensuring your visit is comparable to a trip to your favorite spa. Standard amenities that we offer to help put you in a tranquil mood include eye pillows, videos, music and special noise canceling head phones.

Virtually everything about your dental spa experience here will change your perception of what a dental visit should be. Find out what makes the Dental Spa the ultimate dental practice - contact us today to make an appointment.

Dr.Waleed Bouarki was granted his degree by the university of Manchester's school of dentistry. His practice includes a wide range of dental procedures, To provide you with the most comprehensive dental care possible.

He has undertaken a large number of continuing education courses and post graduate diplomas during his 7years of work experience in one of the top dental practices in Manchester(England) , these included: aesthetic dentistry, implantology (surgical and restorative), advance endodontics, and dental imaging. He also regularly attends annual meetings and conferences in the UK, USA, and DUBAI, to keep up with the latest trends in dentistry.

Dr. Waleed utilizes the latest technology available in dentistry today. These modalities include digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, cosmetic video imaging, and multimedia patient education.

Dr. Waleed experiences include working in UK hospitals, community and private clinics, dealing with children, adults, medically compromised patients, and patients with special needs. Covering a wide variety of treatment modalities has sharpened and widened the spectrum of his diagnostic skills, giving his practice the edge to become the ideal place for comprehensive patient care.

Dr. Waleed welcomes you to his practice with gentle care and relaxing surroundings for all your dental needs. Because he knows that a relaxed patient will achieve better results with any dental treatment.

If you have ever seen or heard of the television show "Extreme Makeover", you know what a tremendous difference cosmetic dentistry can make in a person's appearance.   Some dental makeovers are not "extreme" - often relatively minor procedures can create positive results.  Dr. Waleed's expert services can make the difference, both in your appearance and in your Patient experience in his dental treatment chair.

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