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Technologies (Trophy Digital X-Ray Imaging)


The latest advancement in dental technology uses a computer and low-radiation X-ray to produce X-ray images directly onto a computer screen! With sophisticated software, the computer-generated X-ray can reveal information not previously available from a conventional X-ray machine. X-rays taken by the Trophy RGB X-Ray can be colorized, magnified and computer-enhanced to indicate things such as bone density! Although every patient can benefit from the 90% DECREASE in radiation exposure, the digital X-ray machine offers special benefits to DENTAL IMPLANT PATIENTS. With the "instant" development time of the computer and the ability to view an enlarged X-ray on a computer screen at the patients' chairside, Dr. Waleed has the ability to make sure the patient's nerves and sinuses are protected and the implants are properly seated by taking digital X-rays at various points during the procedure!

Added patient safety, more predictable treatment, much lower X-ray radiation, and instant feedback clearly make the digital X-ray machine the X-ray technology of the future.

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